Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hearts Throb

Hey, kids. There's a story in The Cloaca called 'The Shrew's Dilemma' that has something to do with the suicide of onetime teen heart throb, Jonathan Brandis. Here's a drawing someone did of him:

I found out about Brandis' hanging himself a few years after the fact and was pretty legitimately shaken by it. The description of that shaking is pretty much reported in that story I wrote. I was hit up by the good people of the The New Quarterly to contribute to their Magazine As Muse section. The piece I gave them about my time spent reading Tiger Beat as a little fat kid can be found in their summer issue, which you can see about getting here, or you can track it down wheresoever awesome journals are sold.


  1. Yeah. A drawing "someone" did of him.

    1. This drawing I didn't do, but a drawing I did of John Olerud can be found here: