Monday, October 15, 2012

Totally Something Worth Leaving Your House For

So I don't know who you are, let alone where you are. But let's say you're a person in the Waterloo, Ontario, Canada region who's into writerly things. If that's the case, then holy shit do I ever have good news for you. In both your very own backyard and in your very own wheelhouse, there's going to be a writer's festival. And even holier shit: I'll be there!

Throw some pants and a cleanish shirt on on November 3. I'll be yakking it up in chairs and maybe behind a table with Alexander Macleod and Tamas Dobozy. I've never met Mr. Dobozy, but musclebound Kris Bertin has nothing but nice, non-violent things to say about Mr. Macleod, so I can only assume this panel will be the best thing ever, totally worth leaving your house for.

Find out more about the Wild Writer's Literary Festival HERE, whoever you are.

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