Friday, September 14, 2012

Awesome Sauce

Short Storyist and all-around Sweet Person Rebecca Rosenblum has been, for the third time in her blogging life, compiling a sort of democratic list of 1000 Things We Like. Considering the title of the blog you're currently spinning your wheels with, I added my twenty cents. Here's my contribution:

499) Elderly women looking in trash cans
500) Elderly men standing and watching construction
501) When cats burp or fart
502) When you lock your bike to a pole and it falls down
503) Drunk kids eating pizza or Chinese food while staggering home, letting their trash fall behind them as they go
504) Those people whose whole week leads up to Karaoke Night and who are really good at Karaoke
505) Hearing about someone falling asleep on the toilet
506) When Bonnie Prince Billy makes reference in song to either his beard or stomach
507) When little kids fall down and don’t cry until someone asks if they’re okay
508) West Coast IPA
509) Watching anyone over fifteen learning how to skateboard
510) When firefighters set their practice house on fire
511) This friend I had who had a ghost in his house and would pee his pants (grey track pants) whenever he thought about it
512) Tracking lines on VHS
513) When you wait around all day for the mail that might have money for you in, and then you go out for afternoon beer and come home to find the money has come
514) Frank’s hot sauce on everything
515) Using “dickering” instead of “haggling”
516) Other people’s fear of clowns for some reason
517) Those promises you make to yourself when you’re going to sleep that tomorrow you’ll wake up and do all things you’ve been doing wrong the right way

Here's a bonus Liked Thing: When elderly people spit into trash cans.

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