Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seriously Ensorcelled, Guys

I'm in a cynical old stink, guys. So it doesn't often happen that I get besotted with a thing. But I've seriously become obsessed with the below-mentioned artist, Riff Raff. Particularly the below-linked song "Time." Visual reasons: maybe I like to watch with a man with a BET tattoo yawning in a music video, and furthermore enjoy watching that same man have Pringles placed on his fridge-proped body as if it's an obvious, maybe holy thing to do. Textual reason: the section Riff Raff spits about being alone and sick and needing to fall asleep with the TV on is a real kick in the dick. I've spent some serious spates unable to sleep without the TV on, specifically (and let's just keep this between you me and the net) episodes of The Simpsons with creator commentary, And to be alone and sick--few friends, no family or girlfriend available to stop by and check in with you--is one of the gloomiest places I know about. (This one time, during my first year living alone in downtown Montreal, I fell seriously, deliriously ill. My legs were taken out for three days. I didn't leave the house, and when I finally did, it went to the grocery store where--instead of soup, or tea, or tiger balm--I picked up a six-pack of chocolate chip muffins. Let me mention that this was Halloween. At home I ate all those muffins while watching episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on the cable I then had. And I'm serious: I got well.) But also the yawning and the Pringles.

I'm telling you.

(Also, it may interest you--whoever you are--to know that James Franco is playing Riff Raff in the upcoming Harmony Korine movie...)

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